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Why Precision Rehabilitation?

Precision movements are performed with exceptionally low tolerances, are repeatable, and are sustainable over time. Whether you are talking about a machine or your body, the same principles apply.

The basic idea is that your body’s movements obey cause and effect relationships that are within our ability to understand and control, and that there is little that is random about its behavior. Everything happens for a reason and we can manage those reasons. Our goal is to identify and treat the cause to the get you back into the rhythm of your daily life quickly and safely.

We are precisely what you need…

At Precision Rehabilitation, we are dedicated to our patient’s success and well-being. This is a collaborative effort between your physical therapist, doctors, and you, the patient, to develop the most successful treatment plan to fit your individual needs. Our focus is to correct your primary issue by identifying the problems, treating the cause, and educating you on how to avoid a relapse and/or future issue.


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