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“For me, Precision Rehabilitation has mastered the Humpty Dumpty effect. When I fall off the wall, they put me back together again.” — Gary M.

Times of Acadiana “Best of” 2013-2015 Finalist

Our Team

Matt Walker
Woody Ortego
Ross Landry
Lauren Stone
Michelle Maurin
Our Team

Precision Rehabilitation is dedicated to delivering excellent patient care and education. This is achieved with a collaborative effort between therapists, doctors, and patients to develop the most successful treatment plan to fit the individual needs of our patients.

We employ people at the highest skill levels in their fields to ensure the best rehabilitation experience. Our therapists are actively engaged in continuing education so that they are aware of the newest techniques.

This allows us to provide a faster and more effective recovery, while having fewer relapses and better prevention of further injury.

Areas We Specialize In
Neck and Back Pain
Pain in the neck and back is the most common complaint that people come into our office with. Sciatica caused by herniated/ bulging discs and stenosis is extremely common and treatable with physical therapy.
Jaw Pain
Popping or locking of the jaw can occur with or without pain. This sensation commonly comes with a headache. It is a sign that the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is not working properly.
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder pain with movement, especially overhead, is commonly caused by an irritated rotator cuff. We treat tendonitis, partial tears and even complete tears.
Dizziness caused by inner ear canal injury can drastically affect your quality of life and is a common cause for falls in the home. Finding out what is causing the dizziness is the first step to recovery.
Foot Pain
It’s rare to go through life without some form of foot and ankle pain and the main issue we see is heel pain. Stabbing pain (plantar fasciitis) in the bottom of the foot is as a result of poor muscle activation in the foot and hip are usually to blame.
Falls in the home cause 95% of hip fractures in this country. Most of these falls are preventable through our balance improvement program.


Patient Testimonial
“Within the first few sessions of treatment and exercises he had moved me out of pain to the point where I was no longer losing sleep.”- Steve L.

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